Articles by Avi

  1. The all new Up Hail: Completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up.

    2015 has been an exciting year for Up Hail. Over a million users across the globe have used our search engine to find and compare the lowest prices on taxis and rideshares. Over a dozen new countries have been added to our database. iOS and Android apps were launched, and downloaded by thousands of users.

  2. Up Hail Now Displaying Canada Cities and Rates

    With a population of 35 million, Canada is the second largest car service and transportation market in the Americas. Uber has expanded it's service to two of the thirteen Canadian provinces, Quebec and Ontario. Service is centered around the Montreal and Toronto surrounding areas. Of the 6,000 or so cities / towns in Canada, we have identified 114 Canadian cities serviced by Uber. Uber's main US rival, Lyft has not yet expanded outside of it's home country.

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