Updated: 2/21/2020

The most common request here at Up Hail, is from users that want to book rides with Uber or Lyft without a smartphone. Finally, Uber is beginning to test ordering a ride by phone call using human operators.

The number to call is 1-833-USE-UBER, which is currently limited to Arizona and Florida only. A human operator will take your pickup and drop off location, and provide a price quote by phone. You can then add a payment method (by reading the credit card number to the operator) to keep on file for future use. There is no extra fee for using the service. Black cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles are available for dispatch via phone. Uber will then text you details about the car and driver, and the estimated wait time. After the ride, a receipt will be sent via text.

If the pilot is successful, Uber may begin to roll out this service to other areas. We will keep you posted if and when.

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