A Look At Local Uber Fees

Below are some examples of fees you’ll run across in a few major cities and states.


Access for All fee: A flat fee of $0.10 is added to every ride that originates in California, and the money goes into a fund that supports increasing the number of wheelchair-accessible vehicles available for on-demand transportation.

Marketplace fee: According to Uber, this fee is charged for connecting riders and drivers within “certain markets.” It’s already included in the upfront price or fare estimate presented before the ride.


Ground transportation surcharge: Any trip that takes place in the city of Chicago gets a surcharge of $1.13 on UberX or UberXL rides and $0.53 on pool rides.

Accessibility surcharge: Every trip in a non-wheelchair-accessible vehicle includes a surcharge of $0.10, which goes toward the city’s Vehicle Accessibility Fund.

Congestion surcharge: Any trip that begins or ends in the city’s Central Business District between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. on weekdays is subject to a $1.75 surcharge on UberX and UberXL rides or $0.60 on pool rides.

New Jersey:

NJ surcharge: Any trip that crosses between New York City and New Jersey is subject to a $20 surcharge. That fee includes a toll.

New York:

Congestion surcharge: Rides that start, end or pass through Manhattan below 96th Street are subject to a fee of $2.75 per solo trip or $0.75 for a pool ride.

Black Car Fund fee: The Black Car Fund is a nonprofit created by the state of New York that runs health and safety programs for and provides workers’ compensation insurance to for-hire drivers. To support the fund, a 2.5% fee applies to all Uber rider fares.

Out-of-town surcharge: An extra surcharge is applied to any UberX, UberXL, WAV or pool trip that originates in New York City and drops off outside the five boroughs. The amount of the fee varies depending on how far outside the city the trip ends.

TNC fee: Certain trips that begin outside New York City and end anywhere in the state are charged a 4% fee.

Washington, D.C.:

Digital dispatch fee: Any non-taxi ride that originates in the District of Columbia is subject to a digital dispatch fee of 6%.

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