According to our data, in 2019, the average rates of an UberX or Lyft standard in the US are as follows:


Minimum Fare$6.67
Base Fare:$3.87
Cancel Fee:$5.08
Cost Per Minute:$0.18
Cost Per Mile:$1.16

Lyft Standard:

Minimum Fare$4.24
Base Fare:$1.36
Cancel Fee:$7.21
Cost Per Minute:$0.18
Cost Per Mile:$1.14

Uber Black:

Minimum Fare$15.17
Base Fare:$7.21
Cancel Fee:$10.09
Cost Per Minute:$0.46
Cost Per Mile:$3.43

Lyft Lux Black:

Minimum Fare$13.57
Base Fare:$6.97
Cancel Fee:$10.03
Cost Per Minute:$0.45
Cost Per Mile:$3.31

The average cost of an UberX increased 15.96% from 2018 to 2019. The average cost of a Lyft (standard) increased 19.04% from 2018 to 2019.

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