About Hail Score™

Hail Score™ is our metric for taxi, rideshare and transit friendliness of a particular city. You'll see a box with a number that indicates our proprietary score given the number of options for that city or trip origin.

Hail Score™


Example Hail Score™ for New York City

Hail Score™ Calculations:

  1. No available services.
  2. City has limited public transit options.
  3. City has multiple public transit options including trains and buses.
  4. City has no transit options, but taxi services.
  5. City has taxi and public transit services.
  6. City has 1 on-demand private car service with 1 tier of service.
  7. City has 1 on-demand with 2 tiers.
  8. City has 1 on-demand service with 2 or more tiers.
  9. City has 2 or more on-demand services.
  10. City has 1 rideshare service.
  11. City has 2 or more rideshare services.