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  • Over 1,600,921 searches conducted
  • Over 100,000 monthly average users
  • Over 190,000 cities worldwide
  • Over 10,000 rides booked

Press Accolades

“Up Hail does for taxi services what so many websites have done for other travel costs — compares them in real time to find the best deal. You can figure out whether Uber or Lyft is cheaper for that ride to the airport, if there are SUVs or vans available for a group, or if there’s any surge pricing that will leave you with rider’s regret in the morning.”, Mashable

“Up Hail is as simple as you’d want it to be: Enter your origin and your destination, press the button, and voilá: Up Hail lets you know how much, approximately, your ride will cost with each of these two major ride-sharing services.”, VentureBeat

"We've all been there before. How much will the taxi cost? Can it fit all of us? Is there an Uber around? Up Hail has come around to solve all those questions.", Benzinga

"Up Hail Takes The Guess Work Out Of Uber And Lyft", TechFaster

"It’s also given us Lyft vs. Uber – two really excellent car service apps in a bit of an ugly fight to be the best in their field. Here to make that fight a little uglier (but prettier for you) is Up Hail – a beautifully simple price-comparison site.", Netted, by the Webby's


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  • Avi Wilensky, Founder
  • Kenneth Rhee, Full-stack developer
  • Joseph Goodman, Full-stack developer
  • Eric Kong, Full-stack developer


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